RF Survey

RCST offers professional RF Survey or Modelling solutions for existing & proposed radio voice & data systems.
Any Radio System requires adequate coverage, and even the best equipment is useless without a signal, and this could be detrimental to staff safety and operational activity.
Radio coverage can be affected by weather and topography, and RCST’s geographic studies provides insight into the needs of the customer.

Physical Radio Frequency (RF) Surveys

RCST conducts physical Radio Frequency surveys in order to obtain accurate measurements of the signal requirements in the covered area. We use a calibrated receiver in conjunction with a GPS to plot the received signal and position. Software is then used to generate a visual representation of the results.

Computer RF Modelling

Computer RF Modelling can be used in conjunction with, or instead of RF Surveys, to predict coverage from new or existing transmitter sites. RCST combines sophisticated software with highly accurate terrain data to accurately predict the coverage or expected coverage areas. The flexibility of software based analysis enables various parameters such as antenna height, gain, transmitter power, frequency; location to be optimised to provide the required coverage. This is extremely useful in determining the location of repeater sites to ensure maximum cover from a given location.

Computer based RF modelling also allows coverage predictions to be generated based on future topography changes, given that projected terrain elevation data is available. This also allows development planners foresight into effects on radio coverage movement of earth.

RCS Telecommunications have made significant investment in leading edge software & have highly skilled and experienced engineers to provide RF Surveying and Modelling. This service is for two-way radio voice systems, microwave path profiles and in-building Wi-Fi coverage.

3D Modeling

Utilising Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data and specialised RF and terrain modelling software, RCST can provide you with detailed maps of your communications system for existing and planned repeater sites, links, and routes.


Google Earth Overlay

RCST is able to produce RF coverage maps suitable for integration into Google Earth allowing 3 dimensional views of RF coverage. Areas of expected poor performance can be mapped and clearly demonstrated. Where terrain modelling information is available RF coverage projections may be made allowing planners to easily view radio coverage impact due to terrain movements.


Network Link Planning

Network link planning provides radio path analysis for communications links allowing network design for primary and failsafe communication links. RCST RF planning tools are suitable for a wide range of frequencies from simple VHF links through to multi-hop Microwave backhaul systems. Each link may be analysed in detail for path performance giving clear indications on availability and throughout.


Route Analysis

RCST can produce detailed route analysis that provides RF system users and planners detailed information on expected radio signal levels along specific travel routes. Early analysis of route radio coverage performance will indicate communications site viability as well as highlight areas of expected poor performance, thus allowing planners to proactively implement additional coverage sites. Route planning also empowers drivers and managers with prior knowledge of poor performance areas.


Path Profiles

Accurate path profiles for microwave links can be undertaken which can determine viability of link paths with expected reliability factoring appropriate fade margins; identifying any incursions into Fresnel zones.


Wi-Fi Coverage Maps

Coverage maps of in building Wi-Fi infrastructure can help identify areas of poor coverage etc.


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