Enhanced Mobile Phone Coverage

//Enhanced Mobile Phone Coverage

About The Project

RCST recently assisted a large construction and project management company to extend mobile phone coverage at a remote construction site. The RCST solution not only improved team member productivity, it reduced their frustration and assisted the firm to achieve project timelines.

The Problem

Mobile phone coverage for both voice and data in a series of relocatable project offices (dongas) was extremely unreliable. Coverage was impacted not only because of the distance from the nearest cell tower but also because of the metal walls of the donga. Voice calls rarely connected when the team members were inside the buildings. This required people to walk outside to make a call, listen to a voicemail or to return a call. Battery life on mobile phones was also significantly reduced with the phone constantly attempting to adjust power to compensate for the poor signal.

The RCST Solution

RCST installed a Cel-Fi Cellular Network Signal Amplifier inside the donga to improve coverage. The solution included the Cel-Fi unit along with an antenna inside the building. A directional antenna was mounted on the roof of the donga and pointed at the nearest Telstra cell tower.

This resulted in full strength mobile phone reception for voice calls and 3G data. Team members can now reliably make and receive calls and use 3G data if required.