LTE Wireless Network Deployment

//LTE Wireless Network Deployment

About The Project

RCST was selected to design, project manage, install, test, optimise, and commission a private eLTE wireless network for a remote mining environment. The existing low bandwidth wireless infrastructure was ageing and required numerous repeaters to extend coverage across the site. RCST constructed the new eLTE system in a standalone manner to preserve legacy applications, with the design and configuration allowing for easy migration of existing applications to the new infrastructure.

Fleet Management System (FMS) was the key application and provided vehicle route optimisation, however additional safety systems including collision avoidance and CCTV required robust connectivity and increased data throughput. The eLTE network easily provided this additional bandwidth and allows for further growth in data throughput and the number of connected devices as requirements evolve.

Our Solution

Huawei’s eLTE system was chosen to facilitate the increased data traffic requirements. The new system also reduced the number of repeater sites required because of the extended range of the LTE network. The system included a fully redundant virtualised Evolved Packet Core (EPC), three eNodeB locations, gigabit point to point and point to multipoint microwave radio backhaul connections, small cell telecommunication trailers, endpoint gateways, and a Network Management System (NMS). Licensed radio spectrum was used for both the LTE network and the point-to-point backhaul network.

The following formed the core activities of the project:

  • Project management
  • Installation of new radio towers and communication huts
  • Remediation and reuse of existing towers and infrastructure where possible
  • Power systems based on dual generators, with automatic transfer switches and fuel cells
  • Hut layouts including new 48vDC autonomous power systems

The solution was delivered on-time and below budget.

  • System testing including testing with the Modular FMS
  • Installation, optimisation, and commissioning of all eLTE hardware and software
  • NMS installation and implementation
  • Endpoint gateway installation for both heavy and light machinery
  • Basic training for on-site operators
  • Documentation and maintenance manuals
  • Handover to support