Motorola seamlessly connects people to mission-critical communication networks, applications and services, by providing them with real-time information, and by equipping them with intuitive, nearly indestructible two-way radios and devices.

Motorola has a ninety-year pedigree of developing innovative two-way radio systems that create highly connected teams, so they can access critical information in the moments that matter.

RCST has been creating safe and productive work environments with Motorola for almost twenty years. RCST is a certified Motorola Gold Channel Partner with the training and experience to deliver mission-critical, professional and commercial radio systems. Motorola Solutions has recognised RCST with many awards over the years including Australasian Partner of the Year. RCST designs, installs and manages advanced Motorola communication networks across many industries including mining, energy, transportation and agriculture.

Our customers rely on the RCST team and Motorola equipment to connect their teams to each other and to systems. Many of these workers operate in harsh and hazardous environments where safety is the top priority and where cost-effective communications deliver maximum productivity.

RCST stocks the full range of Motorola two-way radio equipment and spares including portable and mobile solutions, in-vehicle systems and operations/office solutions. Our regional branches provide in-vehicle installation services and offer the full range of Motorola accessories.