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Our Customers

RCST’s customers include industry leaders across a number of sectors. We’ve been helping our customers keep their people, places and systems connected for more than 20 years. As communications technology continues to advance, new options to improve safety, increase productivity and reduce costs are being developed. RCST helps our customers leverage this communications technology to achieve their business objectives.

Check out how we help these industry sectors stay connected.

RCST delivers turnkey telecommunication solutions including fleet management solutions, site safety systems, network management and monitoring, as well as infrastructure design, construction, and support when working with customers from the mining sector. We help our mining customers increase productivity and improve site safety.

RCST is accredited by all the major vendors, including Cambium, Cisco, Motorola, Riverbed, and others. Our on-site staff in Dalby, Mackay, Moranbah and Mount Isa have in-depth knowledge and experience delivering mining telecommunications systems.

In the mining sector, our customers include Anglo American, BHP, MMG, PeabodyRio Tinto, South32 and more.

RCST provides communication solutions to innovators in the energy sector. We have extensive experience assisting natural gas companies to deploy mission-critical two-way radio voice systems, monitoring and telemetry systems across their pipelines, including in-vehicle communication systems.

Likewise in the solar-energy sector, RCST provides key communication infrastructure that ensures all workers can stay in-touch using innovative GPS and two-way radio systems. Renewable energy innovators creating biofuels from sugar cane to generate electricity use RCST’s professional services to ensure their networks are ready to meet the demands of this growing industry.

In the energy sector, our customers include; Arrow Energy, QGC – Shell, MSF SugarRCR Tomlinson and more.

The size of Australia can make the logistics and organisation of operations incredibly difficult for transport providers. RCST provides the high level of visibility and connectively that is essential for the safety of transport staff, as well as for profitability and productivity.

RCS Telecommunications designs communication systems that seamlessly connect your operations. Our integrated approach gives you the freedom to connect your fleet via one centralised network on a point-t0-point or point-to-multipoint network.

Our turnkey solutions that include the fitting, management and maintenance of two-way radio systems as well as implementing easy GPS tracking, and route management. An RCST system allows for better policing of staff schedules by tracking, managing, and controlling driver hours, speeds and rosters.

In the transport sector, our customers include Aurizon, bus companies, trucking companies, fleet managers and vehicle manufacturers.

RCST has a long history of assisting agricultural businesses and farms to stay in touch using two-way radio systems. The many-to-one nature of two-way radio means field personnel can be quickly alerted to emergency situations whilst also providing coverage across large properties.

RCST also builds communication networks that provide monitoring across a myriad of devices from pumps and weather stations to vehicle location and monitoring.

Some of our customers in the agricultural sector include Chesterfield AustraliaMackay SugarMSF Sugar, Warrego Water Services.

RCS Telecommunications works with government agencies to set up regional communication networks and to establish and maintain infrastructure. We work with Federal, State and Local Government agencies across varying portfolios. RCST has the technology and experience to proactively and reactively monitor your communications networks. We deliver strategic, turnkey communications solutions to help government agencies meet their objectives.

From building a statewide two-way radio network or high-speed point-to-point radio network to supplying two-way radio accessories for emergency services teams and mounting radios in vehicles, RCST can assist government agencies to stay connected.

RCST provides wholesale connectivity to other Telecommunication Carriers and Carrier Service Providers in demanding locations.

In addition, we provide point-point microwave services along with fibre haulage, termination and design services.  Our offices located in regional Queensland means we have expertise where you need it to assist in the deployment of networks.

Our Network Operations Centre also provides 24×7 monitoring along with incident and change management services.

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