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Legally enhance mobile phone signals in buildings or vehicles where reception is limited.

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Cellular Network Signal Amplifiers provide customers with the assurance that their mobile calls and data connections will work in buildings and vehicles despite weak signals. RCST connects a purpose-built antenna to the amplifier that is focused towards the mobile carrier’s network. The system enhances the available signal which is then repeated in locations where the signal strength is weak.

A key benefit of Cellular Network Signal Amplifiers is the enhanced battery life they enable for mobile phones. Mobile phones consume more energy in poor signal areas because the phone adjusts its power to compensate in an attempt to boost the poor signal. As a result, the phone will consume a lot more battery power.

There are many devices that claim to repeat mobile phone connections; however, most of them are not approved for use by Telstra, Optus or Vodafone in Australia. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) confirms that it is an offence to use unlicensed radio communications devices.

Best used for:

Building areas where cellular network signals are limited, i.e. basement carparks or demountable buildings made of metal.

Vehicles that travel in and out of cellular network reception where a high gain antenna can be mounted.

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Cellular Network Signal Amplifiers

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