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About Point to Point and Multipoint Radio Systems

Connect sites quickly and at high speed where fibre is too expensive, not available or will take too long to install.

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Microwave radio systems are a proven solution to deliver scalable and reliable network connectivity between sites.

Point-to-point (PTP) radio systems

PTP radio systems provide multi-gigabit connectivity between two locations. The radios are quickly deployed and provide a robust and scalable alternative or complement to cabled connections. PTP radio connectivity provides reliable backhaul capability that can provide a diverse path and diverse technology for mission-critical deployments.

PTP radio links are commonly deployed using both licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum and provide connectivity for any voice, video or data application. PTP links can deliver high bandwidth over extended distances up to and beyond 50KM.

Point-to-multipoint (PTMP) radio systems

PTMP radio systems are a cost-effective way to deliver connectivity to many sites from one central location. Subscriber units are quickly installed at the remote site to provide connectivity for many sites back to the central multipoint antenna system. PTMP systems are typically used up to 20KM and like PTP systems can use both licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum.

RCST is a Cambium Networks‘ Platinum level partner with over 30 years experience delivering PTP and PTMP connectivity.

Best used for:

Quickly providing high-speed reliable site-to-site WAN connectivity. Ideal for short-term links or locations that regularly move.

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Point to Point and Multipoint Radio Systems

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