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UHF Citizen Band (CB) radios are commonly used by travellers for recreation and safety reasons.

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Two-way radios that use the UHF Citizen Band (CB) frequency are designed for short-distance communications. No licence is required for CB radios and the ACMA provides some useful information for CB radio users.

These frequencies are for non-exclusive public access and are available to all radio users. Business customers regularly purchase CB radios with the knowledge that their conversations are not private. If secure or private conversations are required, RCST recommends digital or analog two-way radios that are programmable to a licensed frequency.

RCST stocks UHF CB radios from a number of manufacturers including GMEIcom, Motorola and Tait. Mobile radios are typically installed in vehicles or as a base station in an office environment and can be paired with a variety of antennas to optimise range and voice quality.

Handheld two-ways radios provide the flexibility of being very portable. A wide range of accessories are available including microphones, earpieces, extended life and spare batteries, cases and charging options.

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UHF CB Two-Way Radios

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