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Reduce WAN traffic and optimise application performance.

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WAN Optimisers (also known as WAN Accelerators) increase application performance by maximising the efficiency of data flowing across WAN links and connections to the Internet.

WAN Optimisers achieve this performance improvement in three ways:

  1. By compressing data as it leaves the local network, less data is transmitted;
  2. By deduplicating commonly transmitted data, the transmission is only sent once across the WAN; and thirdly,
  3. By preemptively moving the data streams in advance based on previous data movements.

WAN Optimisers also assist cloud-based applications by utilising embedded systems at hosting providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This provides similar application performance enhancements from a cloud-based application that are commonly used in a private WAN.

Best used for:

Reducing and prioritising wide area network traffic to improve application performance.

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