Network Design, Build and Commissioning Services

/Network Design, Build and Commissioning Services

Network Design, Build and Commissioning Services

Networks are core to every communications solution RCST delivers. We connect People, Places and Systems.

Our design process starts by listening to our customer’s business requirements. We marry those needs with our years of experience and technical expertise to offer a design that meets current needs, future requirements and industry best practices.

We build these networks by partnering with best-in-class manufacturers and selecting appropriate products. Combining these products and RCST’s services is what we love to do and where the hard work starts. Our Project Managers orchestrate teams from RCST, our customer and other suppliers to transform components into a communications network.

Commissioning is where RCST invariably stands out from the pack. Commissioning is really what matters – the network needs to live up to the design – the net needs to work! We test and verify according to an agreed testing and commissioning plan so we can be sure the network delivers on the design goals.