Radio Frequency (RF) Audit Services

/Radio Frequency (RF) Audit Services

Radio Frequency (RF) Audit Services

RCST offers professional Radio Frequency (RF) audit, survey and modelling solutions for existing and proposed radio, voice and data systems. All radio systems require adequate transmission coverage. Even the best equipment is useless without a signal and this can be detrimental to staff safety and operational activity.

RCST’s RF services provide the insight required to ensure reliable coverage from two-way radio, point-to-point and multipoint data radio, Wi-Fi and cellular (3G/4G/LTE) networks.

Audit and Survey

Radio coverage can be affected by weather and topography so RCST’s geographic studies provide an understanding of the likely transmission characteristics of any radio system. RCST conducts physical RF surveys in order to obtain accurate measurements of the signal requirements in the covered area. We use a calibrated receiver in conjunction with a GPS to plot the received signal and position. Specialist software applications are used to generate a visual representation of the results that provides rapid identification of RF ‘black spots’.

In-building or below ground coverage from Wi-Fi or cellular networks is equally important to many organisations. RCST’s RF audit services identify problem areas and provide recommendations on how to improve coverage.

RF Modelling

RF Modelling is used in conjunction with or instead of RF Surveys, to predict coverage from new or existing transmitter sites. RCST combines sophisticated software with highly accurate terrain data to accurately predict the coverage or expected coverage areas. The flexibility of software-based analysis enables various parameters, such as antenna height, gain, transmitter power, and frequency, the location to be optimised to provide the required coverage. This is extremely useful in determining the location of repeater sites to ensure maximum cover from a given location.