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Cellular Network Enhancement Systems

RCST extends cellular network signals to improve connectivity in hard to reach environments.

Are you in a Mobile Coverage Black Spot?

Businesses from sole operators through huge multi-national corporations rely heavily on mobile communications for voice calls and data connectivity. Cellular Network Enhancement Systems provide organisations with confidence that their mobile calls and data connections will work in buildings and vehicles despite weak signals.

In-Building Systems

The physical construction material of most buildings inherently reduces mobile phone signals making the signal difficult to penetrate throughout the whole building. From below-ground carparks and basements through to the top of high-rise buildings, mobile phone reception can be weak and sometimes not available at all.

There are broadly two types of Cellular Network Enhancement Systems commonly used in buildings today. As the name implies, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a collection of antennas that send and receive a variety of signals throughout a building. Commonly, these systems repeat many frequencies and directly connect to equipment from several mobile carriers and other systems, including two-way radio and Wi-Fi signals. In some scenarios, a DAS might only use passive repeaters. Typically, DAS are installed when the building is built; however, retrofit is possible in some buildings. Contact RCST for more information on Distributed Antenna Systems.

The second type of Cellular Network Enhancement Systems used in buildings is a signal amplification system. These systems have an antenna focused on a mobile carrier. The system then repeats the signals via one or more indoor antennas strategically placed throughout the building. For more information, see the Cellular Network Signal Amplifier product area.

Vehicle Systems

Cellular Network Signal Amplifiers are also deployed in vehicles, including passenger cars, buses and trucks. In a similar fashion to in-building systems, vehicle systems use a more powerful antenna mounted on the vehicle to connect to mobile carriers. The signal is then repeated inside the vehicle to several mobile phones or mobile-connected devices. See RCST’s vehicle communication systems solutions and in-vehicle installation services for more information.

RCST Professional Services

RCST’s twenty-year experience in radio communication systems uniquely enables RCST to deliver Cellular Network Enhancement Systems. Radio Frequency Audit services provide a detailed map of current and projected coverage to assist in design and troubleshooting. Our Vehicle Communication Systems solutions include a range of capabilities, including two-way radio, GPS tracking and cellular network signal amplification.