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Fleet Management Systems

RCST enables Fleet Management Systems (FMS) that optimise vehicle productivity and safety.

In a mining or industrial environment, an FMS will wirelessly connect every vehicle in a secure and robust manner, keeping track of their location via GPS and connecting the vehicle to the FMS software systems in the operations or control centre via two-way data, Wi-Fi or LTE.

The control centre relays direction to the driver or even to the vehicle directly in the case of autonomous vehicles, optimising speed and routes while maintaining vehicle separation for safety. Each vehicle has multiple data sources from onboard cameras, sensors and computers that measure and monitor everything from tyre pressure and road condition to cabin temperature and driver fatigue.

RCST delivers this robust and secure connectivity across many sites. We’ve recently designed, deployed and continue to monitor an LTE-based connectivity to a mine in Australia with 100 heavy trucks and vehicles. Likewise, we have recently delivered a Wi-Fi-based system for several hundred vehicles to a number of mines in Queensland. We use a combination of large towers with repeaters and mobile telecommunication trailers with onboard radio repeaters using telescopic antennas.

Contact RCST to hear more about these projects and how our communications capabilities have revolutionised productivity for these customers.