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Local Area Networks

RCST’s Local Area Networks (LAN) Solutions connect your systems and teams together at the heart of your business.

LANs form a critical element of most modern business environments. Access to applications, servers, printers and WAN resources enable your team to get their job done. LANs today also commonly host telephony, video conferencing, access-control and security systems.

LANs are not only wired but also include wireless connectivity. Wireless LANs (WLANs) require planning and appropriate policies to ensure the security and performance of your network. Another emerging challenge for Network Managers is the inclusion of IIoT devices onto LANs. RCST’s network design, build and commissioning service ensures your business requirements for today and for the future are considered.

Software Defined Networks (SDNs) are increasingly being used in LAN environments to automatically allocate devices and users to appropriate LAN or Virtual LAN – (VLANs) segments. This means that guests can easily be catered for and that BYOD devices can have different security privileges relative to company-owned devices, if desired. RCST has recently deployed a large multi-site SDN that provided the customer with flexibility, security and reduced IT management overheads.

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