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Personal Communication Systems

RCST’s personal communication systems enable safe work environments.

Connecting people is at the heart of what RCST does. Our personal communication solutions are used in environments where not staying in touch is not an option, where it’s a safety-critical and mission-critical requirement. Our personal communication systems experience spans more than thirty-five years and many technologies and environments as diverse as sugar refineries and bus companies, through local government and huge open-cut mining operations.

Personal communication systems rely on robust technology, clever design, skilled installation and thorough maintenance regimes. These systems connect a person’s PC, mobile phone, smartwatch and handheld two-way radio. Digital communication technology has evolved in recent years to enable these devices to be fully integrated across an organisation’s wide area network, effectively linking multiple sites together to enhance safety and increase productivity. RCST is at the forefront of integrating these technologies for our customers by partnering with leading manufacturers.

Our innovative approach to deployment and broad experience across many industries and customer requirements sees RCST stand apart from the crowd in personal communication systems. Contact RCST today to see how we can help you stay in touch.