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Site Safety and Security

RCST’s Site Safety and Security solutions leverage our voice, video and data communication expertise to provide a safe and secure workplace.

Safety is the TOP priority for every RCST employee and it’s the top solution we deliver to our customers. Providing a safe and secure workplace is paramount for every organisation. Utilising proven telecommunications infrastructure solutions, we are able to ensure teams and systems can reliably communicate, leading to higher productivity and safer workplaces.


For the driver of a massive mining truck, this means being able to stay in constant contact with the operations team and drivers of other vehicles. It means being able to see full 360-degree camera vision around the truck, and it provides confidence in the collision avoidance system.


For the Operations Manager at a sugar mill, it means having real-time access to analytics from sensors and IP cameras and the ability to use a fleet management system to manage autonomous trains. For the crew working at the mill, it means instant push-to-talk communication capability across the site, including automated ‘man-down’ alerting.


For the Supervisor on a construction site, it means being able to inform workers of crane movements and hazards that constantly change. It means the team can stay in contact with their colleagues across the site regardless of location (including below ground). For the Project Manager, 24×7 camera vision provides accurate timestamps of site activity and reduces unsafe work practices.

Enabling Safe and Secure Work Environments

RCST works with organisations from many industries to maintain safety critical communication platforms. Contact RCST to coordinate a site communication audit to review voice, video and data transmissions across your locations.