Site-to-Site Wide Area Network Connectivity

/Site-to-Site Wide Area Network Connectivity

Site-to-Site Wide Area Network Connectivity

RCST’s Site-to-Site Wide Area Network Solutions connect your locations to improve business outcomes.

Wide Area Networks (WANs) can span thousands of kilometres or just a few. These WANs connect multiple Local Area Networks (LANs) enabling servers, PCs and other devices to be accessible across the sites if required and desired. WANs can use publicly available infrastructure from telecommunication carriers, or the connectivity can be dedicated for your use or a combination of both. WAN’s are typically delivered over fibre-optic, copper or wireless technologies. Most WANs also have one or several connections to the Internet as well and consequently need robust security and optimisation to ensure business-critical services are prioritised and secured.

RCST delivers WAN infrastructure and services to our customers wherever they have sites. We have the expertise and experience to determine with you the most cost-effective and high-performing solution to meet your needs today and tomorrow. RCST has its own WAN connectivity options using fibre and microwave in selected environments. We also partner with other carriers to deliver connections using their infrastructure where appropriate. Our 24×7 Network Operations Centre monitors and manages WAN connections to ensure uptime and to execute moves, adds and changes to our customer’s networks.

Our network design, build and commissioning service will help you determine the best way forward for your WAN. Contact RCST to see how we can help your business locations stay connected.