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Vehicle Communication Systems

RCST’s vehicle communication systems enable our customers to stay in touch with vehicles wherever they move.

Whether you need to communicate with a multi-million dollar truck, a massive locomotive or a small passenger car, RCST offers solutions that let you keep in touch with these vehicles to ensure safety and enhance productivity. At the core of these solutions is the ability to connect to the vehicle for voice and data communications. We provide many cost-effective connectivity options including:

With voice and data connectivity in place to a vehicle, operations teams and management can leverage a variety of applications including:

  • One-to-one and one-to-many voice communications;
  • Fleet Management applications that optimise routes and provide real-time vehicle performance monitoring;
  • Collision avoidance systems that ensure separation of vehicles;
  • Maintenance management systems that maximise asset utilisation; and
  • Location tracking and monitoring systems that enhance safety and protect your vehicle assets.

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